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Desperatio 59

Here is Desperatio 59 from the world of Mudrusba Murtson. This things stands for despair, and everything that stands for it. Despair can be in this world a really strong feeling and the form is… Continue reading


It is the best time of the year, halloween, all fright and horror everywhere. Spooky month. So this is Spuwnfreak, you do not want meet this horrible monster. Have a good fright!


Dispair I did this when I was in school, Dispair. Hope you enjoy it.

Freaky and flipping Michael Myers

Just did this freaky yes and flipping Micheal Myers, Have a fright one!

Confused monster

Here is a confused monster, it does not know much but can be pretty scary when it wants to. Problem is that IT does not choose the right times. Confused monster.