Monthly Archive: July, 2015

Wicked cat

Wicked Cat here, enjoy this one. Life thrills and chills. Some hills and stills. Have a good one, shining stars!

Mudrusba Murtson.

Hi all! Welcome to Mudrusba Murtson and this is a part of that world. It is a world beyond your wildest dreams and here you meet Cardiacus 15 and Noirblazee 96 and other things… Continue reading

Cardiacus 15

All feelings you get from a heartbreak is Cardiacus 15. Just this 15 strongest feelings is pain, anger and despair. This thing walks the world of Mudrusba Murtson. Have a great one, shining… Continue reading

Noirsblazer 96

Strange sounds like screaming but deeper and more scary. Noirsblazwe  96 is not the name of this thing. In this world, there are no names just races and numbers. The world is called… Continue reading

Life- within me

Here is something I just did, hope you like it. Life-within me I got life within me and all around. Life is what happens now, not the past or the future. And what… Continue reading

There,here and back again

Hey you! Now I am back again with some art, have been in Paris for two weeks and had a great time! I have learned a about myself and about life and are… Continue reading