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Maestitia 39

Here  Maestitia 39 from the world of Mudrusba Murtson. This things stands for sadness, and everything that stands for it. Sadness can be in this world a really strong feeling and the form is like… Continue reading


Dispair I did this when I was in school, Dispair. Hope you enjoy it.


I love horror so I made this one of classic Nosferatu! Have a fright one and scream a lot!

Life within

Here is a painting I did some years ago. Think of life. your life- what are you doing with it and how is it? Life within. Have a good one Shining stars


Hey! Hope that you had a great weekend, I was in Stockholm and had a lovely weekend! Soon summer is here and I am so happy,  what about you? Tell me about your… Continue reading


Face is done and it was a intresting process with this one. Been thinking about life and who I am and who are you? Who I want to be and what kind of… Continue reading

Ziggy Stardust aka David Bowie.

Here is a painting that I done, own version of Ziggy Stardust- I really love his music. David Bowie have done so much for this world with his music and gets in to… Continue reading


Here is fantasy that I have done, hope that you have a good weekend, the rain is here and Nina is happy about that. (Här är fantasy som jag har gjort, hoppas du… Continue reading


Been some days, since I upload something that I have done, but tadaaaa here is something new that I been working on. Since I got so much going on in my life I… Continue reading


I  have just completed lelula to tunes of good music. Been wondering a lot of things as always and that is about time, time never comes back, but yet time can seems so not… Continue reading