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Finally!! A new post on this art blog and have been to long and I have been creative in many other ways! I’m in New Zealand and been here since September and will… Continue reading

Maestitia 39

Here  Maestitia 39 from the world of Mudrusba Murtson. This things stands for sadness, and everything that stands for it. Sadness can be in this world a really strong feeling and the form is like… Continue reading


It is the best time of the year, halloween, all fright and horror everywhere. Spooky month. So this is Spuwnfreak, you do not want meet this horrible monster. Have a good fright!


Dispair I did this when I was in school, Dispair. Hope you enjoy it.

Life within

Here is a painting I did some years ago. Think of life. your life- what are you doing with it and how is it? Life within. Have a good one Shining stars


Face is done and it was a intresting process with this one. Been thinking about life and who I am and who are you? Who I want to be and what kind of… Continue reading

Ziggy Stardust aka David Bowie.

Here is a painting that I done, own version of Ziggy Stardust- I really love his music. David Bowie have done so much for this world with his music and gets in to… Continue reading


Here is fantasy that I have done, hope that you have a good weekend, the rain is here and Nina is happy about that. (Här är fantasy som jag har gjort, hoppas du… Continue reading


Been some days, since I upload something that I have done, but tadaaaa here is something new that I been working on. Since I got so much going on in my life I… Continue reading


I  have just completed lelula to tunes of good music. Been wondering a lot of things as always and that is about time, time never comes back, but yet time can seems so not… Continue reading