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Confused monster

Here is a confused monster, it does not know much but can be pretty scary when it wants to. Problem is that IT does not choose the right times. Confused monster.

There,here and back again

Hey you! Now I am back again with some art, have been in Paris for two weeks and had a great time! I have learned a about myself and about life and are… Continue reading

Life in motion

Here is something I have done. Just trying create something from my feelings. Hope that you got a great day, Have a good day shining stars! (Här är något jag har gjort, bara… Continue reading


Hey you! Here are painting I did some weeks ago, hope you like it. Now a new month, June. I had little time and strength to paint recently and it because of many reasons.… Continue reading

Wicked nature

Here is Wicked nature that I have done. The weekend is almost over and I will begin with a another painting, soon June is here and I will be away a lot than,… Continue reading

Dirby the clown

I really love clowns and have many times dress out as a clown- even if it not Halloween, just for fun. Here is Dirby that I have done. Dirby will follow me everywhere… Continue reading