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Shy Guy

I always had a favorite guy in the Mario Universe and it is this guy, Shy Guy! Hope you like it, blip blop and off and play some games.


I love Sci-fi and Fantasy so much and I did painting just now, hope that you having Fantasy and Sci- Fi in your life. Have shining galaxy one!


Patience, never hade one with some things like paint, but here you go, here I got some patience doing SpaceK, hope you enjoy it!

Heart-not glass

Today been at school after been home and sick, it was kinda of struggle but great meeting my classmates and we doing fun things, like always. I have done this Heart- not glass… Continue reading

Jam session

Yes as I am fighting and loving the guitar and here is Jam session, hope you enjoy it!

Wickod forest

    Here is Wickod forest, hope you have a nice weekend, shining stars!


Here is something I just did, I love everything with theatre so this fit me so good.   Have a good one, shining stars!

Life in motion

Here is something I have done. Just trying create something from my feelings. Hope that you got a great day, Have a good day shining stars! (Här är något jag har gjort, bara… Continue reading

Wicked nature

Here is Wicked nature that I have done. The weekend is almost over and I will begin with a another painting, soon June is here and I will be away a lot than,… Continue reading

Dirby the clown

I really love clowns and have many times dress out as a clown- even if it not Halloween, just for fun. Here is Dirby that I have done. Dirby will follow me everywhere… Continue reading