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Legend David Bowie

I love all that he have done for me, his music, style, character, Ziggy Stardust and so on. So I did this.

Cardiacus 15

All feelings you get from a heartbreak is Cardiacus 15. Just this 15 strongest feelings is pain, anger and despair. This thing walks the world of Mudrusba Murtson. Have a great one, shining… Continue reading

Life- within me

Here is something I just did, hope you like it. Life-within me I got life within me and all around. Life is what happens now, not the past or the future. And what… Continue reading

Loving the craft yes, love+craft, Lovecraft?

I really, really love H.P Lovecraft world, even so much that I got a creature from his world inked in my body! Than you really like something and I have read a lots… Continue reading

I know everything

I did this and is very happy for this painting, like shape in it. Jag vet allt om framtiden på bara 15 minuter. Ja, så är det och såhär ska min framtid ser… Continue reading